Way too good at goodbye

I told you that was my goodbye.

I’m freeing myself from all the remains of contradicting fantasies.

You said you will never forget what I did.

And that you will never forgive~

I chose not to tell you I’m flattered.

In your hatred,

In your antipathy,

It seems you will always remember me.



Only words bleed

He  said:

“I fucking hate you
I hate you
I hate you with a passion
You are an idiot a fucking idiot!!!!
You are worthless
You are an idiot…you are an idiot!!!!!!!!!
Disgusting…you were nothing to me. You are a dummy… You are a slut, a whore. I have no respect for you. You were only going to be a vacation girlfriend that I would have fucked once then ditched afterwards.”

Appalled, she sat there in silence.

And took all the affliction in.

She’d be healed.

One day, she won’t remember.


I care more about Quarter Pounder than you not giving a f*@#

Today is the day I have completely lost my motivation.

With over 20 articles to write and more than 300 remaining slots to open, here I am determined to procrastinate. But I hope to cheer myself up so I am downloading McDonald’s App and thinking of ordering quarter pounder and French fries. I am also thinking of drinking 16 oz Coke not from the value meal but from my aunt’s fridge. I have had 3 cups of coffee but the caffeine isn’t helping. My annoyance grows. I have my period, yes, but I don’t want to think my hormones have anything to do with this exasperation.


Something happened yesterday. And I just wish to forget. I wish to fill my mouth with ketchup and French fries and the juicy burger.

I’d be fine tomorrow.