The unforgiving beat of fate,

Contradicting her inexcusable oblivion,

Like a devious ray of summer,

Found its way to get to her.


Thumping on the delicate mesh of her truth,

A shadow of subtle rage,

She knew it coming—a pretense,

Lie on it.



Why we met

It’s like the universe, looking past all my offenses, telling me, “here’s one for all the good.”


Dear M

Dear M,
I wish you happiness and– to borrow Hailee’s lyrics:
“I wish someone will love you, let me go.”
Lots of love,

Why & See

Many times have I attempted to remove all our photos, but I just couldn’t… There is a rush of unwanted emotions every time I’m about to delete… We were a happy couple… Once we were inseparable.

Pain cures


Here’s a story about this place: I left Yodoyabashi early in the morning and hopped on a train to Kobe. I was pretty confident I’d figure out how to get to the Mosaic quite easily. The goal was to capture the amazing view of Kobe Port Tower. The covert intent, however, was to meet an ex-love. I knew it was foolish—I knew it wasn’t gonna end up well—but I idiotically went ahead. I thought hey if it would give me answers, it might be worth it. Alas, I left Mosaic in vain. None of my plans worked out. None of my questions were answered. I went back to Osaka hurting but I was fully convinced it was about time I moved on. Fast forward to now, I have no regrets. What I experienced that fateful winter just proved that in a twisted yet effective way, pain cures.

Way too good at goodbye

I told you that was my goodbye.

I’m freeing myself from all the remains of contradicting fantasies.

You said you will never forget what I did.

And that you will never forgive~

I chose not to tell you I’m flattered.

In your hatred,

In your antipathy,

It seems you will always remember me.


Only words bleed

He  said:

“I fucking hate you
I hate you
I hate you with a passion
You are an idiot a fucking idiot!!!!
You are worthless
You are an idiot…you are an idiot!!!!!!!!!
Disgusting…you were nothing to me. You are a dummy… You are a slut, a whore. I have no respect for you. You were only going to be a vacation girlfriend that I would have fucked once then ditched afterwards.”

Appalled, she sat there in silence.

And took all the affliction in.

She’d be healed.

One day, she won’t remember.