To the man who truly loved me

It’s a fine day

And our broken hearts are weeping

Thought we’ve prepared for this day

But nothing can truly prepare anyone for this…

We’ve joked about death

We’ve laughed about coffins, and burials and the high fees for funerals

But no great laughs can abruptly erase—

No joyful moments can cover the utter pain of losing…

I’m about to throw a rose

This red one in Ethan’s hand

The first and the last flower I’ll ever give to the man

Who wanted me to be “Eric” but had loved me as I am…

I remember the night he knocked in my room

Too weak he tried to go upstairs and asked me to take him to the doctor

Because he couldn’t breathe and he wanted to breathe,

Because he wanted to live…

But he’s dead

His heart stopped beating

His body is torn down

And he’ll soon be a part of the ground…

I remember him clearly,

Yes I will remember him dearly,

And I will look forward to that day

I’ll see him in eternity.


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